• While transporting any PCBs either fresh spares or defective units, take adequate care to pack them. If they are carried without proper packing in the tool kit itself, the possibility of damages to the PCB is very high. This is strongly advised against. Even a faulty PCB has to be packed properly to avoid further damage and to enable proper trouble shooting.

  • In case of microprocessor based controllers for Hot beverage vending machines, EASYSET method is adopted for time setting. In this method better accuracy and repeatability can be achieved by reducing the number of breaks during setting up the volume. This is particularly true for water timing. To clarify the point an example is described below.

    Let us say you start the water set up process. You press the set up key; LEDs blink; You press Coffee/Tea; Water flows out; Now the ideal case is that you keep pressing till you reach exactly the required quantity and stop. But this cannot be done since it is not possible to guess the amount of water in the pipeline, which will flow out after the button is released. So you release the button when the volume reaches say 70ml whereas you actually need 100ml. After the water in the pipeline comes out you see that the volume is only 85ml. So you press the button again; You release button and find the volume is 95ml; So you press again: You release the button and find that the volume is 100ml.

  • Wherever trimpots are used for time setting, it is important to remember that the range of the trimpot is about 10 to 12 full revolutions (20 to 24 times we may have to turn as we normally tend to turn half revolutions in one go). It is quite possible that the trimpot position is at the other extreme when you start. If this is so in the particular PCB you attend, then in certain cases you may not notice any change in volume / gram throw, for the first few rotations. If it happens, it is advisable to blindly turn about 20 times in the required direction and then start the setting process. Any excess rotation of the trimpot beyond the extreme will not damage the device provided force applied is not excessive. In most cases a faint clicking may be heard/felt as the position of the trimpot reaches an extreme.


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